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Our property is located in Marches, a region in Central Italy, framed between the Appennini mountain range to the West and the Adriatic sea to the East.  Geography and history made it a border region where different peoples came in contact with one another through the centuries- the Spartan Greeks of Ancona, its capital.  The Celts who inhabited its northern half.  The Umbri and Piceni who lived in the area long before Rome was even founded.  This ethnic variety, and the events and wars of the Middle Ages, caused it to develop into a mosaic of independent municipalities, many of which are fortified castle-towns,  each with its own distinct dialect and customs.  This sense of local community is still very strong today, and it finds expression in the many  traditional festivals and events that take place throughout the year.  Cupramontana, our town, is part of a defensive ring of fortified towns and castles surrounding Jesi, the dominant town of the area.  The traditionally agricultural economy and society has developed through the last decades into a more varied mixed economy, where the old farming ways thrive alongside modern industrial and service sectors, with schools and colleges to support them.  

Visiting Marches is a way to enjoy old-school Italian lifestyle and its slower and more relaxed pace, centered around the simple pleasures of eating good food and drinking good wines in the company of friends and family.  It is also a way to have easy access to a variety of beautiful medieval and Renaissance towns, where ancient art and architecture is preserved and cherished.  Places like Urbino, a World Heritage site, with its wealth of Renaissance art; Ascoli Piceno , a town almost entirely built with travertine; Fabriano, with its ancient paper manufacturing tradition;  Fermo, with its medieval buildings, churches and alleys, and one of the richest libraries in Italy, specializing in ancient manuscripts and Renaissance texts.  And hundreds more of smaller historical villages and castles, each with its own unique charm, nestled in the hills or close to the coast of the Adriatic, with its beaches and tourist resorts.

Marches, a distillate of Italy





Agriturismo Vigna della Ripa

Az Agr. Brega Gabriele

Via Ripa, 16 - 60034 Cupramontana

P.IVA 02246790428

Ph +39 331 841 8608


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